NDO – According to Financial Express (India), Vietnam is a popular destination for Indians during the holiday season in late 2022. Previously, Travel+Leisure also listed Vietnam as one of the 10 ideal destinations. It is ideal for Indians to travel during the Diwali holiday thanks to its convenient flight connections and diverse travel experiences.

The reason many tourists know about Vietnam may be after the direct flight from Vietnam to India or the active promotion activities promoting Vietnamese tourism and direct flights between two major cities.

Besides, compared to Southeast Asia, a trip to Vietnam is 10-15% cheaper, so from November to April is the best time to visit Vietnam, because after April it becomes very hot.

Most Indian tourists will know more about Vietnam thanks to many travel influencers and famous bloggers traveling around Vietnam and experiencing it.

For example, US President Barack Obama and chef Anthony Bourdain eating Bun Cha in Hanoi also said: “Human beings are on Earth for many different purposes. And I am on Earth to enjoy this dish.” noodle soup in Vietnam.”

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